Established in 2019, the Mad Hat Massive are a group of football supporters of the Hartford Athletic.  The group is spread across Western Connecticut and into western Massachusetts and eastern New York.  
Every home match you can find the Massive in the supporters section of Dillon Stadium.  Every away match, they throw Massive watch parties at TK's American Cafe in Danbury.


We stand, for 90 minutes straight at every match.  We stand and support Hartford Athletic, but our support goes well beyond the match.
We stand for social equality and justice for all people in all facets of life.  We stand up for those who have been marginalized and cannot stand up for themselves.
We stand for our players.  We stand for our players who kneel against social injustice.  And we will fight for fair pay, safe working conditions and a just collective bargaining agreement.
We stand for our mothers, sisters and daughters.  This sport, as the world, is as much theirs as anyone else.  We wouldn't be here without them yet they still are not given a fair and equal shake.
We stand for the LGBTQIA+ community.  We stand against hate and bigotry.  We are your allies.
We stand, for 90 minutes straight at every match.  And we continue to stand beyond the final whistle.
Hartford til we die.